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Find Scordatura Collective's latest news and announcements here.

Latest Announcement

Unlocked Festival

Join us online, 28th-30th August

We are delighted to announce UNLOCKED, our new online festival which will be streamed live on our Facebook page. All concerts will be free, but if you would like to donate towards the cost of the festival then you can do so here or here.

Friday 28th August, 8pm

Songs Without Words

Hildegard 'O Eterne Deus'

Weir 'Make Me a Garment'

Schumann ‘4 Flüchtige Stücke’

Randle 'Prelude'

Clarke 'Lullaby'

Saturday 29th August, 3pm

Family Concert: Around the World

A musical adventure for all the family with music from America, China, Poland and Argentina!

Saturday 29th August, 8pm

Forest Sounds

A nature-inspired programme filmed live in Epping Forest

Beamish 'Song of the Birds'

Chen Yi 'Happy Tune'

Weir 'The Wind Blow East'

Mañas 'Aires del Norte'

Clarke 'Lullaby'

Strozzi arr. Blūma 'Che Si Puo Fare'

Sunday 30th August, 8pm

Festival Finale

Montgomery 'Rhapsody No. 1'

Maconchy 'Five Sketches'

Beach 'Ballade'

Wallen 'Dervish'

Maconchy 'Theme and Variations for Violin and Cello'

Auerbach 'Postscriptum'



We've transferred over some of our favourite posts from our 'Composer Focus' blog. We'll be adding to this in the coming weeks, as well as giving more insights into our work as an ensemble.

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