Scordatura Women's Music Collective is a mixed chamber ensemble dedicated to performing music written by women. Our repertoire reaches back to the 16th century, and also encompasses contemporary and world music. We are comitted to promoting music written by women which has been unfairly neglected; to support and perform current composers; and to inspire the next generation of women to compose.


Since being founded in March 2017, Scordatura has performed music by composers as diverse as Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Clara Schumann, Chen Yi, Margaret Bonds and Judith Weir. We have also worked with young and emerging composers, both to provide performance opportunities for existing works and to comission new music.  The ensemble is committed to playing to as wide an audience as possible, and to developing new audiences through education and outreach work.

Scordatura has recently been supported by organisations including the RVW Trust, the Hinrichsen Foundation, the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and the Exuberant Trust.


Rachel Watson and Corinna Boylan



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+44 (0) 7470 192287



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